The people behind Goldenstein

King Wilson I of Goldenstein

King Wilson I and the founder of Goldenstein was born 1 march 2004 in the middle of Sweden. He moved to the Republic of Jämtland 2005 and lived their until 2010 when he moved to the middle of Sweden again. 

30 January 2019 he declare Goldenstein as an independent nation. He is the first person on the post as King and head of government. 

Sir Rasmus

Sir Rasmus was born 2004 in Sweden he is the first person to become lord in Goldenstein. He is also the vice prime minister and the boss over GOSP (Goldenstein SpaceProgram) Since the organsitation started in 2019.

"Prince" Freddie I

Is the only prince of Goldenstein his title is inofficial/official and his role is to be a some form of mascot. He was born 2012 in Sweden and is a minature schnauzer that loves stick's, bones and cucumber

"Princess" Lilly I

Princess Lilly's title is just like's Prince Freddie title inofficial/official and she's role is to be a form of mascot. She was born 2017 in Sweden and is a card turtle that loves walks in Goldenstein and of course shrimps.