People behind

King Wilson I of Goldenstein

  • Work as: King of Goldenstein
  • Name: H.M. King Wilson I of Goldenstein. 
  • Born: 1 march 2004.
  • Reign: 30 january 2019 - Present.
  • Like: Political Science, international jurisprudence and Animals.

Founded Goldenstein 5 pm 30 january 2019, He have build up the nation from scratch. H.M. the king Wilson has come on second place in programming contest 2018 and his specialty is animal protection.

Prince Freddie I

  • Work as: Mascot for Goldenstein City
  • Name: Prince Freddie
  • Born: 2012.
  • Reign: 30 January - Incumbent.
  • Like: To walk and sticks.

Prince Freddies role is to be the animal mascot for Goldenstein City. He are feature on the coat of arm and on 0,5 GKR, 1 GKR, 5 GKR coins

Princess Lilly I

  • Work as: Mascot for Lillytown
  • Name: Peincess Lilly I
  • Born: March 2017
  • Reign: 30 January - Incumbent.
  • Like: Walks, pillows and shrimps.

Princess Lilly is the animal mascot for Lillytown and are feature on Lillytowns coat of arm and the first ever printed Goldensteinian banknote.