People behind

King Wilson I of Goldenstein

  • Work as: King of Goldenstein
  • Name: H.M. King Wilson I of Goldenstein. 
  • Born: 1 march 2004.
  • Reign: 30 january 2019 - Present.
  • Like: Political Science, international jurisprudence and Animals.

Founded Goldenstein 5 pm 30 january 2019, He have build up the nation from scratch. H.M. the king Wilson has come on second place in programming contest 2018 and his specialty is animal protection.

Freddie I

  • Work as: Mascot for Goldenstein City
  • Name: Prince Freddie
  • Born: 2012.
  • Reign: 30 January - Incumbent.
  • Like: To walk and sticks.

Prince Freddies role is to be the animal mascot for Goldenstein City. He are feature on the coat of arm and on 0,5 GKR, 1 GKR, 5 GKR coins

Lilly I

  • Work as: Mascot for Lillytown
  • Name: Peincess Lilly I
  • Born: March 2017
  • Reign: 30 January - Incumbent.
  • Like: Walks, pillows and shrimps.

Princess Lilly is the animal mascot for Lillytown and are feature on Lillytowns coat of arm and the first ever printed Goldensteinian banknote.