National symbols
National symbols and national holidays.

Goldensteins flag "the jewel"

Goldensteins flag is in the ratio 3:2 and have five stripes. Every stripes has a meaning: patriotism, freedom, love for animals, free speach and Royalty. 

Goldenstein flag have been change one time. The first version had two canone and a crown on it, the old flag used the ratio 1:1.

Goldensteins coat of arm

Goldensteins coat of arm feature the first animal mascot for Goldenstein City the miniature schnauzer Freddie. This is an symbol for the love to animals. The crown stands for monarchy.

The coat of arm is used in a black and white version by GSA and the color version is used by the Goldenstein Government.  

All national symbols

Goldenstein have many official symbols. For an symbol to become official a citizien need to send the proposal to the king then he decide if it become a official national symbol. The list below are all national symbols that have been approved.

Official state symbols

  • National day: 1 march.
  • National motto: Land of the freedom and nature.
  • National color: Red, Orange, white, green and blue.

National animals

  • Animal: Dog.
  • Marineanimal: Turtle.
  •  Fish: Yellow Goldfish.
  • Bird: Seagull.
  • Insects: Bee
  • Savannah animal: Elephants.
  • Artic animal: Polar bear.
  • Farm animal: Goat.

National flower, elements and tree

  • Flower: Tulips.
  • Element: Gold.
  • Tree: Birch. 

National food

  • Food: Smörgåstårta (Breadcake).
  • Drink: Trocadero.
  • Berry: Cloudberry.
  • Jam: Lingonberry jam.
  • Fruit: Apple.
  • Vegetable: Carrot.

National sport

  • Land sport: Cycling.
  • Water sport: Canone.

List of all Goldensteins holidays

List of all official Goldensteinan national holidays. For an day to become a national holidays the government or H.M the King need to approve the day. 

  • 1 January: New Year's day.
  • 30 January: Goldensteins independence day. A day to celebrate Goldensteins birthday.
  • 27 Feburary: Polar beer.
  • 1 March: Goldensteins national day. Every year Goldenstein celebrating the Goldensteinan crown with raise the Goldensteinan flag and eating Goldensteinan national dish.
  • 11 March: Memorial day for the Victims of Terrorism.
  • 23 March: The Nordic day.
  • 3 April: Easter eve.
  • 9 May: European day.
  • 20 May: Bee day.
  • 23 May: Turtle day.
  • 24 May: Nationalpark day.
  • 29 May: UN-staff day.
  • 6 June: Neighboring country day (Swedens nationalday)
  • 26 August: Dog day.
  • 30 August: International Missy Barret day- A day to do good deeds. Is an day to remind people to do good deeds, the day are celebrated togheter with several other micronations. 
  • 24 October: UN-Day.
  • 13 November: Goldensteins national dish day (Smörgåstårtans day)
  • First sunday in December: Glögg day.
  • 24 December: Christmas Eve.
  • 31 December: New year's eve.