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Short about Goldenstein

Kingdom of Goldenstein or often just Goldenstein is a small nation located inside Sweden that was founded 30 January 2019 by King Wilson I. 

Goldenstein is one of the world smallest nations to area and population. Goldenstein has two towns that is called Lillytown and Freddietown. Freddietown is the capital which is home to the government and the royal family. The two towns are separated with each other by Sweden.

Did you know that... 

...That Goldenstein has an area of only 0.4 ha which make Goldenstein 100 times smaller than the Vatican city and 8 times larger than Seeland.
...Goldenstein is the only nation in the world with two official currency thats are Swedish krona (SEK) and Goldenstein krona (GKR) 
...Goldenstein dosen't have any army because violence does not solve any problems and the government work with diplomacy instead.
...Goldensteins higest point is just 36 meter over sea level and is a rock named Hjortontoppen located in Freddietown.
...Goldenstein is the only nation in the world that have direct monarchy that's mean that the head of government is a monarch but don't have any power instead the people vote on proposals.