Goldensteins full history.


30 January 2019: H.M King Wilson I declared Goldenstein idenpendence from Sweden 17:00 (5 pm) local time and the Constitution was written. The flag and coat of arm become official. The government was establish. 

Click here to download the declaration of independence.

2 Feburary 2019: Goldenstein start a government website and instagram account.

4 Feburary 2019: The government get an office in Freddietown

5 Feburary 2019: Goldenstein ban all one time use plastic products.

11 Feburary 2019: Goldenstein postalservice oppend and the first stamp is being printed.

27 Feburary 2019: Goldenstein make the first Goldensteinian Crown (GKR) wich has the demoniation of 1 GKR. And 1 GKR has the same value as 2 SEK or 0,20€

3 March 2019: Goldenstein get its first recognition by Tsardom of Phokland.

14 March 2019: Goldenstein join the New Eiffel Union of Micronation (NEUM)

17 March 2019: Goldenstein become leader for the broadcasting ministry in NEUM.

20 March 2019: Prince Freddie I and King Wilson I visit the Republic of Jämtland.

24 March 2019: Freddietown gets a coat of arm.

29 March 2019: The first border marking sets up.

31 March 2019: Goldenstein Stone edge oppend.

9 April 2019: Goldenstein get a new national anthem thats are named "Freedom in my heart"

10 April 2019: Goldensteins website get the domain www.goldensteingov.com

19 April 2019: Goldenstein get an country code that are GD.

31 may 2019: Goldensteins national day moves to 1 march

18 June 2019: the king decide the official national anthem wich is freedom in my heart.

15 July 2019: Goldenstein become recognize by Alonsian

20 July 2019: Goldenstein get is first banknotes which is the 50 GKR

19 august 2019: Goldenstein get the country code GO and GOS instead of GD because it cause problems with Grenada.

20 august 2019: Goldenstein get it's first license plate.

24 august 2019: GTV make its first program that had a budget on 15 GKR.

14 September 2019: Goldenstein switch flag to a flag without the canons and crown and with a ratio of 2:3.

17 September 2019: Have all old Goldensteins flag switch to the new one.

29 September 2019: The government switch to a new Facebook site after problem with the old one.

1 October 2019: Weather warnings system have been establish.

4 October 2019: Goldenstein get its first flagpole and 4 september every year become flagpole day.

9 November 2019: Goldenstein TV get a new intro.

11 December 2019: Goldenstein take the country code GOL instead of GOS but keep GO. 

17 December 2019: The government make it possible for citizien to send in law proposals on the website and the governments instagram page uploads its 100th picture.


18 January 2020: Goldenstein make its first passport.

28 January 2020: over half the content on the government website was accidently deleted.

30 January 2020: Goldenstein celebrating its first independence day!

17 Feburary 2020: Freddietown is renamed to Goldenstein city. 

28 February 2020: Sir Kristian become the third prime minister of Goldenstein.

1 March 2020: The first nationalday was celebrated.

16 May 2020: Goldenstein get its first crown.

1 July 2020: Goldenstein make an territory change. The capital was moved and keep the old name Goldenstein City. The old territory that maked up Goldenstein city was named Alfons and get an new coat of arm in green.