Goldensteins History


30 January 2019- Wilson I declare Goldenstein as an independence nation from Sweden and the constitution was write.

2 Feburary 2019-The flag was chosen official thats been named "the crown jewel"

4 Feburary 2019- The Government was established

5 Feburary 2019- Goldenstein become the first nordic country to ban plastic

11 Feburary 2019- Goldensteins postal service print their first stamps

27 Feburary 2019- 1 GKR coin was introduced

3 March 2019- Goldenstein get a recognizen for the first time, by Phokland

7 March 2019- Goldensteins 0.5 and 5 GKR coin was inroduced.

24 March 2019- Freddietown get a coat of arm

9 April 2019- The first realese of Goldensteins national anthem.

20 April 2019- Goldenstein stone edge was set up for display in Freddietown

27 April 2019- Lillytown Municipality get a coat of arm

28 April 2019- The first passport was printed

11 May 2019- Goldenstein togheter with West Kaurakuja set up the Nordic Micronational Union.

20 July 2019- Goldenstein get its first banknote which is the 50 GKR

19 august 2019- Goldensteins get the countrycode GO.

20 august 2019- Goldenstein get its first license plate.

24 august 2019- GTV make its first program that had a budget on 15 GKR

14 september 2019- Goldenstein switch flag to a flag without the canons and crown and the flag get the ratio of 5:7.

4 October 2019- Goldenstein get its first flagpole. 

5 October 2019- Goldensteins switch its national day to the 1 march