Goldenstein City
"Heart of the Nordic"

Goldenstein City

Is the capital of Goldenstein and the smallest territory with an area of 0.0035 ha. The territory was claimed 25 june 2020. 

Goldensteins citys motto is "Heart of the Nordic" the motto was choosed because Goldenstein City are located near the middle of the nordic. Every Goldensteinian territory have an animal mascot Goldenstein citys mascot is an dog named Freddie. Goldenstein city are home to 


Lillytown consist of two islands in the lake Mälaren named South and North Lillytown. The islands have an combined area of 0.2 ha. Lillytown are also home to Goldensteins only nationalpark. Which is located on North Lillytown. The nationalpark exist to protect the birdlife located on the island.

Lillytowns motto are "The diamond of Goldenstein" refers that Lillytown are home to Goldensteins only nationalpark. Lillytowns animal mascot are the turtle Lilly. 


Consist of the old claim that Goldenstein City had. And are home to Goldenstein Stone edge and frontgarden. 

Alfons mascot are the dog named Lukas that lived 2002-2018. The citys are named after Lukas brother Alfons that lived 2002-2018. 

Whats special with Alfons is that Goldensteinians custom law don't apply. Which make the citizen don't need to contact a border control.