Goldenstein City
"Heart of the Nordic"

Goldenstein City

Is the capital of Goldenstein and the smallest territory with an area of 0.0035 ha. The territory was claimed 25 june 2020. 

Goldensteins citys motto is "Heart of the Nordic" the motto was choosed because Goldenstein City are located near the middle of the nordic. Every Goldensteinian territory have an animal mascot Goldenstein citys mascot is an dog named Freddie. Goldenstein city are home to the palace.


Lillytown are the biggest territory and consist of an enclave. The area of Lillytown is 0.2 ha.

Lillytowns motto are "The diamond of Lillytown" and the mascot for the town is the turtle Lilly. Lillytown are home to Goldenstein Stonehenge and several gardens. Lillytown are the oldest territory.