Here we answer on Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goldenstein a real country?

Yes. Goldenstein is a sovereign independent nation surrounded by Sweden that's have a working government.

Can I visit Goldenstein?

Yes you can visit us. But you need to contact the government first to get a visa. Contact via Email: Goldensteingov@gmail.com 

Can I become a citizen of Goldenstein?

Yes, Click here to become a citizen.

How can I get the latest news about Goldenstein?

You can follow us on instagram: @Goldenstein_government.

Can I move to Goldenstein?

Sadly you can't. Because of the small area in Goldenstein city and Lilltown.

Pays Goldenstein's residents swedish tax?

No, But we pay a fee to Sweden to help get our citizen education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Does Goldenstein has a army?

No, Instead a police force named GSA (Goldenstein Safety Agency) because we want to solve conflicts with diplomatic and not with violence.

More questions? Contact us on: Goldensteinsgov@gmail.com