Here we answer on Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goldenstein a real country?

Yes. Goldenstein is a sovereign independent nation surrounded by Sweden thats have a working government and according to the Montevideo Convention, we fulfill all requirements for being an independent country. 

Can I visit Goldenstein?

Yes you can visit us. But you need to contact the government first to get a visa. Contact via Email: Goldensteingov@gmail.com 

Can I become a citizen of Goldenstein?

Yes you can Click here to get one.

How can I get the latest news about Goldenstein?

You can follow us on instagram: @Goldenstein_government or Facebook @Goldenstein Government

Can I move to Goldenstein?

Sadly you can't. Because of the small area in Freddietown and Lillytowns hilly terrain make it hard to build a residence.

Pays Goldenstein's residents swedish tax?

No, But we pay a fee to Sweden to help with get our citizen Education, Healthcare and infrastructure.

Does Goldenstein has a army?

No, Instead a police force named GSA (Goldenstein Security Agency) because we want to solve conflicts with diplomatic and not violence.

What does Goldensteins have for government type?

Goldenstein are based on direct monarchy thats mean that the head of state/government is a monarch but instead of a law making government the citizen vote on every suggestions.

More questions? Contact us on: Goldensteinsgov@gmail.com