Diplomatic relations
Here you can apply for diplomatic relationship and read about our diplomatic politic!

Are you want to establish diplomatic relation with Goldenstein?

Here you can apply if you want to establish diplomatic relation with Goldenstein! Please check if your country full fit our requirment before apply:

  • The country need to be a democracy.
  • That the country not  are ruled by extremists like communists, nazis, fascists etc.
  • The nation protect LGBT rights.
  • The nation protects animal rights.
  • Have exist for at least 4 months.

We have been recognized by:

  • Prasha
  • Principality of New Eiffel  
  • Tsardom of Phokland   
  • Empire of Emosia
  • Kingdom of West Kaurakuja (ceased to exist from 10 september 2019)
  • Republic of Everland
  • Victorana
  • Alonsian (ceased to exist from 16 July 2019) 

We recognize this nations as independence:

  • All UN states 
  • Vatican 
  • Principality of New Eiffel
  • Tsardom of Phokland
  • Empire of Emosia
  • Republic of Everland
  • Taiwan
  • Kosovo
  • West Sahara
  • Molossia
  • Sealand
  • Kingdom of Aldora
  • kingdom of Prasha
  • Liberland
  • Catalonien
  • Victorana
  • Constitutional Republic of Tanish 
  • Republic of Jämtland