Swedish and Goldenstein kronor


Goldenstein crowns (GKR)

Goldenstein has its on currency only in cash. GKR has both coins and banknotes. The currency was introduce only a couple of day after the indenpendence and the first cash that was make are 1 GKR coin in black. The currency is very strongly connected to Swedish kronor (SEK) and 1 GKR is always 2 Swedish kronor (SEK) 

The biggest diffrent between other currency and GKR is that the banknote is none color and the coins is in color. Nobody know the reason why because all dokument was accidentley deleted. 

The denominations is in coins: 0,5 GKR, 1 GKR, 5 GKR and in banknotes 50 GKR. 

Other denomination in banknotes that will come in the future are 25 GKR and 100 GKR. The Government have said that GKR will never get a higher denomination than 100 GKR to prevent copying.

Swedish kronor (SEK)

The reason why Goldenstein also use SEK is to make it easier for tourists. The other reason is when Goldensteiner make digital transactions is only work in SEK.